An astrological, spiritualism counselor, teacher, writer, and holistic health consultant. I help my clients and students understand how astrology and myth relate to our unfolding personal stories, leading to greater harmony, right action and compassion.

Afif Al Kadamany

It has been my pleasure since our site launch in 1996, to be able to offer some of the best resources available today.

I have been a practicing astrologer and spiritualism for over 30 years now. For years my work was limited to off line publications and regional work. Then came the "World Wide Web", or as we know it more commonly today, "the net".

I supply horoscopes to many websites as well as to print publications. It is with great joy that still today I am able and honored to be able to carry on my mission.

My mission is education through knowledge of self. I use astrology as the tool. And the spiritualism to solve lover, familial, spiritual problems... The reports you will find here at my site include those created through a "major collaboration" of efforts by myself.

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