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There is almost no limit to how far you can go in what you are doing

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Spiritual Solutions

At every moment, pure awareness is in contact with you, sending creative impulses

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Astrology World

True value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self

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Peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by Symbols

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Astrology Chart, Daily Horoscope

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In Al Kadamany World you can dive as well as you want, where you can find many topics that you will be so interested to discover it... Astrology Chart, Daily Horsocope, Zodiac, Spiriualism, Freemasonry, Love section, more and more...

Astrological Chart

Astrology is the study of the planets and how they effect us on earth, or is it? One popular outlook is that the planets do not affect us but only act as sign posts. At the time of your birth, the planets of the solar system, including non-planets, Sun and Moon, occupy different areas of the sky. A snapshot of these locations is taken and this represents your Astrological Chart, also known as your Natal Chart.

Daily Horoscope

There are 12 Signs and 12 Houses in the horoscope, together with a number of Planets. Various attempts have been made to correlate the Planets with the Signs and Houses. It is important to note that Planets, Signs and Houses are not interchangeable. Planets could be said to represent psychological drives, while the Signs show how these drives are expressed, and the Houses show which areas of life are highlighted. The Aspects show how well the planets cooperate or interfere with each other.


The zodiac is a division of the space around the earth into segments called 'signs'. It is centered in a band of space called the 'ecliptic', which is the projected 360ยบ circle around the earth in which the sun, moon and planets appear to circuit relative to the earth. In reality, of course, the earth and the planets are all orbiting around the Sun on this plane, but in astrology we are interested in what affects us here on earth, so what matters is the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets relative to the Earth!


It has to be remembered that of the many objectives of Freemasonry, one is to search for knowledge, knowledge that is currently not possessed by the individual. Such knowledge can be obtained in many ways, such as by researching a particular subject, and by reading books on the particular subject. Another method is to exchange ideas and thoughts with like-minded people.


Life is a constant travel on the timeline where you walk every instant. There is a time of repose when your body sleeps but your mind's sub-conscious areas- which in reality are your vibrating soul fields; are guarding you. This light can only be seen with a special eye. These vibrating fields are always hovering around you, protecting you from negative and killer vibrations.


One of most basic purposes is to make good men even better. We try to place emphasis on the individual man by strengthening his character, improving his moral and spiritual outlook, and broadening his mental horizons. We try to impress upon the minds of our members the principles of personal responsibility and morality, encouraging each member to practice in his daily life the lessons taught through symbolic ceremonies.


So proud reaching that number

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