Definition of Magic and its Types

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Definition of Magic and its Types

     Moreover, we would like to inform you, on the world of parapsychology, the unseen realm of the spirit, its respective fields of activity, the reason for their materialization to man, thus by an act of wizardry, casting an evil spell or any other means (with inquiry on the issue related to magic). There are several types of magic, either by man himself attempting to cause harm to another man by the intercession of demons in order to hinder his means of living and his work and cause problems with his family, spouse or neighbor, or through the devil himself attempting to come closer to man in order to study his body type so as to enter it for the purpose of amusement or causing harm, mental confusion and lack of concentration in his work along with physical, moral, practical and material damage in relation to his family, friends and society as well as other matters in which man has differences. We will be able, with the grace of God Almighty, to remove such harmful causes and definitely and irrevocably uproot them.
      We hereby indicate the type of magic and casting of spells that cause setback to man in his daily practical, family and social life as well as other difficult issues.

  1. Magic transcribed from books and references is akin to deadly poison transmitted among humans.

  2.  Magic used by individuals, through the conjuration of demons.

  3. In specific cases, the disease known as migraine (i.e. chronic headache) 80% of which is of a spiritual nature and can be cured.

  4. Mental confusion and lack of concentration in any act undertaken by the bewitched.

  5. Insomnia and lack of sleep despite the fact that the bewitched is exhausted and needs sleep.

  6. Hinder any action or task undertaken by the bewitched so as not to be successful in them (this may be caused by a wizard or the evil eye).

  7. Chaos in the mind and soul, boredom, excessive animosity and anger without apparent reason or justification.

  8. Possession, which is the entry of a spirit in the human body and its subsequent influence on man, hence suggesting him to act and behave as the spirit commands him to do so i.e. exploit and render the physical body at the mercy of the invading spirit.

  9. Unpleasant visions, which take place upon lying down and closing the eyes, and images start appearing out of the gloomy darkness because they come from the brain and take shape in the cornea, thus becoming clear to the one who sees them as if he were watching television. He tries to change his mind so as not to see them again, but, in most cases, the visions are reflected and the incumbent becomes very much terrified.

  10. The sensation of fear during the night, as consequence of the rapprochement near the human body of a spirit considered, in most cases, to be an evil spirit. Man perceives the strange and strong sensation of an unseen presence, akin to walking blindfolded near fire, thus having the dire consequence of sheer terror and fear in man. There are several types of remedies for protection against such phenomena.

  11. Fatigue, insomnia and burden on the shoulders for no apparent reason.

  12. A vision that was disregarded and, indeed, only perceived by the bewitched.

  13. Possession through séance (conjuration of spirit) and inability to dismiss the invoked spirit.

  • Very important The ladies, either single or married, having strange sensations and feel shy to disclose them as consequence of the rapprochement of evil spirits near their bodies.

    Such as:

    • Sensation of numbness and tightness of lips during sleep as if there are nerves in motion in the area of the lips.

    • Numbness in the chest and the sensation of heat outside the body and very close to it.

    The Remedy is available with the grace of God Almighty
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