Knowing the real Mission of your life & Your inner self?

Life is a constant travel on the timeline where you walk every instant. There is a time of repose when your body sleeps but your mind's sub-conscious areas- which in reality are your vibrating soul fields; are guarding you.

Around your physical body there are seven to nine circles of light each of different color; that circle around you like a complete wheel shaped rainbow.

This light can only be seen with a special eye. These vibrating fields are always hovering around you, protecting you from negative and killer vibrations. They also contain a connection to the universal mind where your feelings and emotions channel, run and permanently stored.

Your connection to the root is permanent, like a computer connected with cable to the server. You change your natural configurations and you start having problems.

When you become totally involved with skeleton body, the senses and get lost in them, trying to extract pleasure, like squeezing juice out of nuts but thinking they are luscious fruits; you get disconnected with your soul fields. When that happens you become disconnected from your real self and think of mind.

Mind is not your real self but an alert mechanism to store experiences, stored as thoughts, and to protect you. Mind is selfish and let you think in terms of ME, mine and I. Look beyond mind.

Look at a candle. Wax is body, the twig in it is mind and when you fire it, the energy comes out as a flame that's your soul.

Your mission is to learn, gain a variety of experiences and to evolve. In short, DO NOT distract and waste time in activities, which are totally passive, and not contributing to your growth. For this purpose you need to be more aware of the global picture of your life. Enjoy every moment with details but when you do all with awareness your track is clearer, faster and more fun.

How do I know my purpose of life?

Look at your physique and see that every part of our body has unique functions. They are perfectly synchronized and in total harmony. Once that chain of harmony is broken or even slightly altered by misuse or excessive pressure by going against nature, you will not function properly.

Likewise our little world of humanity at this giant spaceship called earth is not functioning well for past few centuries.

We are not doing well. Human soul has caught a viral flu. There is sadness, depression, injustice, violence, cruelty, immorality and disequilibrium on personal, family, social, economic and spiritual levels. Why? Because parts of humanity are not in harmony with each other and there is misuse and excessive pressure by going against the flow of nature.

Despite seemingly advanced technology and ideas, most human beings are suffering. The glitzy marketing has created an illusion of well-being and great prosperity. Our inner world and its nature are altered with hardly any synchronization with universal energy. We have created suffocating barriers and walls around our soul.

Our communion with nature is at minimum level. We pretend to live. We have become insensitive to relationships with other humans and other species of this planet and thus our nerve to feel love is becoming numb.

How does one survive in this age of mechanization? How do we know our purpose of this life? How do we find true mission of our soul. How to find our self and recognize our true identification and potential?

Many times you notice that I am not responding to many queries and your questions. However when you write me I do get your telepathic message and I can decipher and decode your problems. I promise to write to each and every brother and sister but bear in mind that as soon as you write me here on these pages specially created for you, something special happens and you transmit your feelings to me.

Sincerely I do attempt to connect using the stream of cosmic energy and I do pray for you. Something does happen somewhere. Bring yourself to harmony. Do not suffer. Do not abuse your body, mind and soul.

Listen to your inner self and that is only possible when you still your mind, not by numbing it or sleeping but by meditating and learning to discover other levels of consciousness in the edifice of your vast mind - which in reality is a micro universe, where there is great pool of energy. Once you connect with that super energy, a great process starts and you start coming closer to your true self
 and same time you will be closer and more attached to your God.

Unpleasant visions, which take place upon lying down and closing the eyes, and images start appearing out of the gloomy darkness because they come from the brain and take shape in the cornea, thus becoming clear to the one who sees them as if he were watching television. He tries to change his mind so as not to see them again, but, in most cases, the visions are reflected and the incumbent becomes very much terrified.

  • The sensation of fear during the night, as consequence of the rapprochement near the human body of a spirit considered, in most cases, to be an evil spirit. Man perceives the strange and strong sensation of an unseen presence, akin to walking blindfolded near fire, thus having the dire consequence of sheer terror and fear in man. There are several types of remedies for protection against such phenomena.

  • Fatigue, insomnia and burden on the shoulders for no apparent reason.